Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Viridians and the Joint Poster Show

At the Viridian Bar, 18" x 24", gouache, 1993

Starting around 1990 I did a serious of drawings and paintings of these strange creatures that came to me one night while I was watching TV and drawing in my sketchbook. After a while, I got tired of referring to them as "those weird green guys", and decided to call them "Viridians". Viridian is a cool shade of green, and I thought the name had kind of a science fiction-like ring to it.

Unlike us, the Viridians have no hair. However, the top of their head grows, and needs to be trimmed occasionally. They go to their local head shop, where the top of their head is filed down with a machine similar to a belt sander. Then, decorative grooves are carefully cut into the top surface of their head.

Two of my other Viridian paintings are now owned by rock poster legend Stanley Mouse. I traded them to Stanley for an original oil painting of his. The deal was made at a rock poster show at Ubiquity gallery in Ferndale Michigan in 1993, where both of us had work on exhibit. The exhibit was called the "Joint Poster Show", and also featured work by Wes Wilson, Gary Grimshaw, and Mark Arminski.

Rick Jacobi, Stanley Mouse, Mark Arminski

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