Saturday, September 8, 2007


These collages are from a class I took at Wayne State University in 2005 during my course of studies for my master's degree in art education. I had never really done collage before, and I really enjoyed it. The instructor was Jim Brown, who was also my thesis adviser, chair of the department, and an all-around pretty groovy guy.

The first three pieces are "integrated collages", meaning that they involve a combination of collage and painting. Self-portrait, and my two sons.



Jon cut the end of his finger off in an accident with the band saw at work while cutting some meat. OUCH!!! Really, it wasn't quite as bad as it looks-- I played it up a bit for dramatic effect-- but still... yikes! Fortunately, the surgeon did a great job, and you can hardly tell that anything happened (somehow, he still even has a fingernail), although his finger is a bit shorter than it used to be.

This one is made entirely from "prepared paper". I painted areas of color with acrylic on watercolor paper, and then cut out the shapes for the collage.

What to do with all those National Geographic magazines collecting dust? Cut them up and use them for a collage! As the sun rises, the golem slinks down an alley into the darkness of the early morning shadows. Perhaps this is a metaphor for the way that the consciousness of our dreams falls back into the darkness of our subconscious mind as we awake in the morning. Or, maybe it's just a golem.


Anonymous said...

I love your collages. I want to collage or decoupage on canvas - will it work.

Nan Spurway
South Africa

RJ said...

Thanks, Nan-- glad you like the collages.

These collages are all on illustration board, with acrylic paint. I used acrylic matte medium for adhering papers to the board. Put some medium on the board first, place the paper, and them paint more medium on top of it.

If you are using oil paint, I'm not sure how that would be done, but I know it CAN be done as I have seen it in some other peoples' work.



becky said...

Hi Rick,

Ive heard recently, in certain circles, that collage is a rather basic technique. Your artwork proves the purist wrong! They are full of atmosphere, depth and fantastic choice of colour. I hope my students enjoy looking at your work as much as I have. Thank you!