Sunday, August 2, 2009

Work in progress

I haven't posted anything lately because I haven't really had anything much to say, plus, I've been out of town a lot and jut generally busy with other things. Anyway, I figured I had better post something so folks wouldn't think I had croaked or something........

The images below show the progression of a painting that has slowly been developing over the last several months. I've been trying to work more out of my subconscious mind lately, and thought that it would be interesting to do a sketch with my eyes closed, using both hands simultaneously, drawing more or less symetrically. Some additional drawing was done with eyes open, after the initial "blind" sketch.

black Prismacolor stick on newsprint, 14" x 17"

Next, my old illustrator tendencies took hold. In other words, I dug up some photo reference for the various facial features. Next step, Photoshop.

Work on the painting began with a black line drawing on canvas board, drawn with a brush.

acrylic, 18" x 24"

More black was added.

Next came a glaze of transparent dark cool red.

Green was added.

I spent a couple hours on it tonight, no photos yet. I'll post again when it's a bit farther along. Hopefully this piece will be completed before the school year starts. Stay tuned......


dmarks said...

That belongs on the back of a very scary dollar bill.

Anonymous said...

The finished painting can be found here:


RJ said...

The finished painting can be found here: