Thursday, August 6, 2009

It doesn't look good for the Arts in Michigan

GRANHOLM KILLS HISTORY, ARTS, LIBRARIES. Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed Executive Order No. 2009 - 36 officially closing the Department of History, Arts and Libraries. The closure of the Department of History, Arts and Libraries is just another step in Gov. Granholm's plan to get rid of arts and culture and arts education in Michigan for good.

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dmarks said...

I used one of your Arkham House scans in a recent blog post of mine. I hope it is OK.

I'm all for cutting this state program in regards to where it gives money to artists and galleries. I do not know what percent of the $8 million is wasted on this, but they can fend for themselves (and do quite well) without government subsidy. The state library is a different case, and is unique in the state.

The article said: "For the governor to believe that $8 million will do anything to make a dent in this state's structural deficit is unreasonable. The author of that article would like is to forget that the budget problem is made of lots of little line items like this. And the problem is that no-one looks at the big picture, and the budget made of lots of little line items that you can find someone to defend to the death.