Monday, August 31, 2009

Assemblage Art: For the Birds

I've been looking at some "found object" assemblage art recently, for my students to refer to during an upcoming project in the 3D Art class that I will be teaching this year. One of the things I have been looking at is work that involves dolls in some way. Here are a couple of nice examples:

Then I came across the following image, and at first I thought, Cool-- someone took a Barbie and stuck some birds on it!

I soon realized, however, that this is an official Barbie produced by Mattel in 2008!

Alfred Hitcock's "The Birds" Barbie Doll

I've never bought a Barbie doll, but this one is so cool, I could almost go for it.


dmarks said...

Needs some work, like white splats all over the shoulders.

RJ said...

I just love this. I want one.

Patti Harris said...

FYI and your class...I do some stuff with dolls and babies. check out my website: