Saturday, March 8, 2008

Detroit: City of Dreams

Here are some photos I have taken while roaming around the D.

(Click on images to zoom in and see Detroit in all its glory.)



A Sunny Day in Detroit


Front Porch


King of the Hill

Kill Them All


Hope Springs Eternal in the Morning Sun

Have a nice day.


Sheree Rensel said...

As I told you via a comment on my blog, I have such mixed feelings about my hometown. I don't know if "homesick" would be an appropriate word to describe what I feel. These photos are all too familiar. This is the Detroit my rational mind remembers. This is why I will never go back. It is so sad. I would walk around Cass Corridor and then down Woodward Ave. thinking this looks like we had a war here. I guess we did: an urban war. Of course, I have such fond emotions of this place. I was born there and continued to live there for decades. I think I will keep the good memories close to my heart. I don't want to go back and see the ruminants of the current battles. :-(

Teresa said...

Thank You so much for sharing these places ...

Wishing You All the Best dear Rick...


Martha said...

Hi Rick-
I love these photos of Detroit.
I try to be a photographer and am constantly enthralled by buildings and houses. These that you have captured still have such soul in them!
I often wander through the city and would love to be able to take shots like these, but being a female alone in some of these parts is not always wise! I have some good images of a deserted nunnery in Monroe and an empty factory in Three Rivers.
Thank you for sharing your eye photographically as well as otherwise.