Friday, December 7, 2007

Psychedelic/Entheogenic/Visionary Art: Luke Brown

Back in the 1960s, we used to call it psychedelic art-- some people still use that term. More recently, however, it has euphemistically been referred to as entheogenic art or visionary art. I would say that the term entheogen has become more commonly used so as to downplay the stigma of the use of psychedelic drugs; basically the terms are more or less interchangeable. Visionary art refers to psychedelic/entheogenic art, but it is a broader term that includes art that has its origins in thing such as spiritual visions, dreams, and the like. The surrealist painter Salvador Dali would be an example of a visionary artist; typically his work is more dreamlike than psychedelic. Working in the tradition of Dali is Abdul Mati Klarwein, much of whose work is more overtly psychedelic. Klarwein is most widely known for his work on the album covers of Santana's Abraxas and Miles Davis' Bitches Brew. Alex Grey is a contemporary visionary/entheogenic artist, who is very up front about the use of entheogens. Look for upcoming posts on Klarwein and Grey. In the meantime, I would like to present some work by an artist that I just discovered-- Luke Brown. Brown combines traditional and digital media, and creates some really striking images. From his website:

Luke Brown is an intrepid explorer, part of a new generation of visionaries recontructing the templates of culture as we know it. His art speaks of the spiritual mysteries in the human imagination. Mystical experiences, dreams, medicine journeys, and channelled lucid dialogues with the source of creativity itself, seem to guide and be guided by the colourful symmetries and living surfaces of his art. Much of his work emerges from a graceful synthesis of digital and painting mediums. Developing his work through mix and remix technologies, Luke is constantly redefining his style as a spiritual medium for growth. He is intent on mapping his hyperspatial experiences with utmost accuracy, with whichever medium seems best suited, as a form of multidimensional cartography.

For more on Luke Brown, visit his website by clicking here.


Salvia Dalinorum

Fractal Feline


Om Tat Sat


Anonymous said...

Very nice blog and very interesting post about L. Brown. He's one of my preferred entheogenic/visionary artists together with Mark Henson, Naoto Hattori, Fred Weidmann and others. Hope to see more posts about entheogenic art and pop surrealism...Congrats

RJ said...


Glad you're enjoying the blog. More entheogenic art and pop surrealism are definitely on the list for future posts!


pierre said...

Wonderfull art (about vision may be?)
best regards from france

Anonymous said...

It is rather interesting for me to read the blog. Thank author for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

It is very interesting for me to read this post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

alex grey rip offs!

Dave Wright said...

Lol anonymous, is wrong. As much as you can draw connections between Alex Gray and these other 'Visionary Artists', they are all producing work in their own right. They are all limited to their own perspectives...