Monday, June 7, 2010

It's nice when they "get it".

From one of my Advanced 3D Art students:

"When I entered this class I was pessimistic because my major is 2D Art and it is more what I am natural at. However, my lack of knowledge is what helped me though the class. I learned things about myself as a person and as an artist. Now I know to try new things because everything I did in this class was new to me. The experience was great."


libramoon said...
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John said...


a friend of mine and I are visiting Detroit this weekend, and are wondering where the interesting/
emerging art scene is. do you know where we should look? also, and chance of some cool emergent art activities this weekend?

John Donnelly

RJ said...

Ehhh... too bad, you just missed a cool installation/performance show last weekend, by Amanda Faye Cain, who I have written about previously. As before, the show was at the Russell Industrial Center.

I don't know of anything specific this weekend. Take a look at the RIC website and see if they have anything else going on down there:

You might want to check out the MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit):

Also, take a look at the MONA (Museum of New Art):

Good luck; hope you have some fun in the D!