Saturday, October 3, 2009

My MFA Thesis Show

Here are some photos from my MFA Thesis Show art installation at the Pickman Gallery, Miskatonic University College of Fine Art.

Okay, just kidding, but it could be. All I'm missing is my Artist's Statement and an unpaid student loan.

What this actually is, is an installation I put in a couple showcases at the school where I work, Arts Academy in the Woods, a charter high school for the arts in Fraser, Michigan (suburban Detroit).

I've been teaching 2D Art at AAW for the last eight years, and am now also teaching 3D Art. Having cleared the showcases of last year's work, I didn't have any new student work to show yet as it's still early in the school year. I've been collecting wood from the curbside in my neighborhood the last few weeks on "garbage night", planning to have it available for my students to use in some upcoming "found art" assemblage pieces.

Prior to my taking over the 3D Art class, the students in that class had not been exposed to things like installation art, nor to the concept of postmodernism in general. So, I thought what better way to introduce it than by creating an installation piece with no title or any other explanation for it.

Of course, many students at our school have wondered, What the heck is this?! Where is the student art? After a couple days I put out a poster board on a table with the heading Is This Art? I made three columns, titled Art, Not Art, Not Sure, and left space for people to write their comments. As you might well imagine, there has been a range of reaction from "this is crap" to "anything can be art" (paraphrased).

For those who think that this is not art, I would refer them to the work of M. Pederson (see below), who has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and a MFA from California College for the Arts, as well as an extensive CV with a long list of shows, etc.

If you want to see more about this artist, here is a link: (click here)


So, what do I really think about this? If you have to ask, you'll just never understand.


Your son. said...

Huge lol @ that first Pederson photo.

Sheree Rensel said...

OH!!! Ha Ha Ha.

Before I started reading this post, I looked at the work and thought "HUH??????" Now I get the joke. Actually, it isn't funny. What you say here is actually very true. All too often it isn't about the WORK at all. It is about the BS and the charm of the artist that goes with the work. I know. I have an M.F.A.!!!!!

Brian Morris said...

Rick, I wish I had known about this kind of art when I was still at Huron. I had an art teacher that was always telling me my art wasn't finished. I could never figure out how she knew that... But a couple sticks and I could have really made a statement!!! Great blog by the way

Anonymous said...

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