Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Clues to June 7th post

The other day, I posted this picture, and asked if anyone could identify what it was.

I had one response-- they guessed that it was a quilt. Wrong. Not even close.

So what is this very intriguing series images?

Here are some visual clues:

I would enjoy hearing from some more of my readers-- take a guess!


Anonymous said...

Moiré patterns?

- Les

RJ said...

Nope. Look very carefully at the last pictue.

Beetlejuice said...

Hi RJ! Thanks for visiting my blog,although I don't really appreciate the elitist, sarcastic post you left,anyway have a nice day,you have an interesting blog here.Peace!

Neil B said...

Hi, I'm a student studying illustration and have recently discovered cymatics but am unfortunately well into my current project, however I would still like to include this. How easy would it be for me to run ambient samples through a speaker with a thin board on top, and say I put a bowl of water on that and video it, would this get results or do I need more experience of how to acheive this?
Essentially, am I better off asking people with the right equipment to run the sounds through for me?

RJ said...

Neil-- you'll have to look elsewhere for the tech side on this. I have not actually done this myself. There is a lot of information on the internet; you should be able to find some help.

Thanks for checking out my blog. BTW, where are you studying illustration? Do you have any of your work online?

Anonymous said...

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