Saturday, October 27, 2007

Will the real Richard Jacobi please stand up.

I just discovered that there is a novel titled San Remo Drive, by Leslie Epstein, that features a character named Richard Jacobi, who is an artist. Weird!


Anonymous said...


Well done Blog! You're a great educator. How about some more RJ originals?

- Les

RJ said...

Thanks Les! I'll try to get some more originals posted in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Looking for a relative of my moms. She is from sioux city Iowa. She has a pictire painted on my dads old bass drum head from artist same name as you. ( needle in a haystack) love to hear back from you. Mike Golden

RJ said...

Hi Mike--

I received your message on my blog, tried to respond via e-mail but it did not go through. None of what you are talking about rings a bell. I DID paint a drum head, but it was for my friend Richie Morales who was in the jazz fusion band Spyrogyra at that time. I suppose it's POSSIBLE that I did another drum head way back when and just don't remember it, but I don't think so. Do you have a picture of it?

I live in Michigan, near Detroit. My dad's family came from Saginaw, Michigan. I know there are some other Jacobis in the area, but I don't personally know any in Iowa.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Best regards,
Rick Jacobi

D Jacobi Eliuk said...
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D Jacobi Eliuk said...

Mike, I believe you are looking for my father, Richard Paul Jacobi. He grew up in Sioux City, Iowa......parents Norm and Lola, sister Susan. He painted a picture on a bass drum. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and continues to make art. Do a search for “Richard Jacobi drawings”. Best of luck to you! (My mom thinks Richard might even have purchased an old Barracuda from you, once upon a time.)